Trier Tourist Guides welcome you

“The Association of Tourist Guides for Trier and its surrounding region”

There are more than 100 independent members offering tours through Trier, its museums, its famous Roman monuments (eight on the UNESCO World Heritage list) and in its surrounding region, even into neighbouring countries such as Luxembourg and France. We love our home city, its great history and its picturesque rural environment with its world famous vineyards. And we want to share this love with our guests from all over the world.

As early as 1996 we decided to co-operate for better networking, for common skill enhancement, and we decided to give ourselves the status of an official association with a protected name. In 1998 we joined the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD). This membership benefits us with the newest information about new laws, about how to handle the tax system as well as skill enhancement on a high level. Each member of BVGD is provided with liability insurance.

The main goals of our association are continuous education through lectures and seminars, not only about Trier but also about the entire region as well as maintaining contacts with regional colleagues and colleagues Germany-wide.

Some members of our association have worked toward achieving BVGD Certification to be a more professional guide – under the heading “Members”, a certificate icon will be displayed by clicking on the name of the tourist guide.

Most of our guides use “Trier Tourismus und Marketing” and other tourist informations as their agencies along the Moselle or corresponding places in the region. But, of course, they operate freely on the market and can be contacted individually by interested customers.